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Interviews are an effective method of discussing a variety of subjects with your target demographic. Whether it’s a series of short 60-second interviews or multi-hour focus groups, we’re on-hand to transcribe your recordings with an unrivalled combination of accuracy and speed.

What does transcription involve?

Accurate transcription of market research interviews involves recording in written form exactly what the respondents have said in the same language that it is being spoken.

Market research transcription usually involves ‘cleaning up’ the interview, removing extra words, unfinished sentences and interjections – such as repeated phrases and ‘erms’. However, for transcripts of legal interviews the exact audio file, word-for-word, is likely to need to be transcribed.

When is transcription required?

Transcription is required across a variety of industries. Aside from transcriptions for legal cases, the most common sectors for The Language Factory are: consumer, medical & pharmaceutical, technology, automotive market research, banking and finance, leisure & tourism and education.

Transcription can be very useful as it provides you with audio data in a format which is easy to review and report on.

Transcription at The Language Factory – why us?

At The Language Factory we are well versed in maintaining consistency between audio recordings and the final transcript. This is due to the fact that we employ native linguists with an excellent understanding of what is required.

  • Our qualified linguists have transcribed thousands of hours of audio and video recordings, achieving reliable transcriptions each and every time
  • As mother-tongue linguists, they understand the cultural and social norms of their location
  • A completely flexible, expert, approach ensures accurate audio transcripts are delivered on time, whether you’re a large corporate or a small business

What next?

Don’t lose precious insight and detail. Whether you need a linguist who’s market research-literate or who understands technical jargon, we can efficiently transcribe audio recordings across multiple languages and in all common formats, including .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .wma and .mov. And if you need both transcription and translation, we can do that too!

For more information see our audio translation case study. Alternatively, give us a call today on + 44 1727 862722 or email us at


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