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What is open end coding?

Open end coding or verbatim coding involves using a codeframe to group qualitative words, phrases, ideas and concepts, enabling them to be analysed alongside any quantitative results.

The codeframes, whether supplied by our clients or created by our expert linguists, are used to code each open-ended answer.

Why is open end coding needed?

Most surveys contain a mixture of closed and open questions. Answers to closed questions are easily analysed, but despite giving an unbiased “customer voice”, open ends are harder to quantify. Coding open questions allows large chunks of verbatim text or different qualitative ideas to be analysed for consistency and ease of reporting.

Sometimes foreign-language responses are translated and the resulting English is then coded. However, if translation of the responses isn’t required, we can save our clients time and money by coding straight into English using our experienced coders. We can also provide translation of a sample of the foreign language responses if relevant quotes are needed for your final report.

As well as open-ends from online, offline and phone surveys, we can also provide verbatim coding for audio/video recordings, social media content and responses from customer feedback systems.

Open end coding at The Language Factory – why us?

  • The level of coding quality is determined by the quality of the coders and we work closely with our linguists to ensure our coding service is second to none, resulting in more relevant and meaningful results for your research.
  • To adhere to our rigorous and consistent quality standards the coding process is never automated or computerised.
  • As market research specialists, with linguistically-trained Project Managers, our clients can rely on our in-house knowledge and flexible service to turn around their responses within tight timeframes.

Whatever your project, we have a qualified team that can help. If you’re interested in learning more about how our coding services can increase the effectiveness of your market research project then don’t hesitate to give us a call today on + 44 1727 862 722.


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