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When our clients come to us for proofreading, it’s most commonly a case of checking the quality and accuracy of a translation against the source language: the French translation of an English questionnaire, for example. Our editorial services don’t stop there, though.

In addition to translation proofreading, we also proofread and edit documents in a single language, most commonly (but not exclusively) English. Our clients come to us because they know we’re language specialists and can be trusted to make their text shine.

Clients who trust us


Take, for example, the Norwegian researcher who wants to submit their findings to a scientific journal but it has to be in English. Their English is excellent but it’s not quite native level. That’s where our proofreaders come in – they will take this carefully thought-out proposal and tweak it for an English-speaking market. Usually it’s about polishing the spelling and word choice but some structural work may also be necessary.

Market Researchers

Perhaps you’re a market research agency based in Japan, but have created an English source questionnaire. Who is better placed to review your survey and give feedback than a translation agency in the UK with extensive experience of the market research industry? At The Language Factory we regularly sense-check and proofread survey materials written in English by non-native speakers to ensure they will be understood by both the target market and the translators whose job it is to translate them into other languages.


In a similar vein to researchers, exchange students writing their doctoral theses, in a language other than their mother tongue may, wish to have the reassurance of a native speaker reviewing their work. The content of the thesis will be their own but our proofreaders can polish the spelling and word choice and ensure no marks are lost for missing punctuation!

Feeding back

The changes from the eagle eyes of our experienced proofreaders are usually passed on using the Track Changes tool in Word. This leaves the writer free to choose whether to accept or reject the suggestions. For documents produced in other formats, we will use whatever method best suits the author of the work, allowing their final choices to be made quickly and easily. A short report can be provided as additional feedback, with explanations of the changes included. If you’d like to have your document proofread by one of our experienced and detail-orientated proofreaders, call us today on +44 1727 862 722.


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