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To understand audio translation, it’s useful to have it defined in the context of the other main language services, interpreting and translation. Read more about our quality audio translation services below.

What is audio translation?

Audio translation is useful as a means of recording in writing, in another language, what was said for later reference. For example, a series of interviews takes place in French but the end client is an English-speaker and wants to know what was said. Sometimes interpreters are used to “translate” on the spot, but this can be an expensive process. The table below explains the differences.

Interpreting: spoken word to spoken wordInterpreters listen to the source language and “translate” it orally into the target language, e.g. at a conference with interpreting booths or in a court room.
Translation: written word to written wordTranslators read the source language and translate it in writing into the target language, e.g. a book or financial report.
Audio translation: spoken word to written wordIn a sense, audio translation is a mixture of the other two disciplines. The audio translator listens to the source language and translates it in writing into the target language.

When is audio translation useful?

You may find a transcript a useful tool if you need to refer back to what was said by participants in the recorded session. It provides a word-for-word version in the original language spoken of what was said, for later reference or analysis. However, if the client wants to read what was said in the interviews at their own leisure, audio translation services would be more efficient. The audio translator would translate the recording directly into the target language rather than transcribing then translating the source, saving both time and money.

Audio translation at The Language Factory – why us?

  • We listen to the audio files before we begin to ensure we can give you reliable translations, to the high standard our clients have come to expect, within your deadlines
  • ‘Just an audio translation’ is not in The Language Factory’s vocabulary. The translators we use and our quality-control processes are just the same as for our written translation services
  • We have over 25 years’ experience in a number of key sectors but we’ll never charge you extra for them. Our specialist sector knowledge, translators and in-house checks are all part of our value-added service


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