Translation for e-learning

When developing e-learning programmes for training purposes, a lot of thought goes into the content to make sure the end user can understand and digest it all. This, in turn, ensures the company commissioning the programme has its learning objectives met. When translating e-learning programmes into foreign languages, it’s therefore extremely important to achieve a quality translation in order for the learning objectives to be met in the target language.

Tone of voice

During the translation of e-learning programmes, tone of voice should be kept in mind. Glossaries of common terms, company marketing or existing training materials can all help the translator to retain consistency between old and new materials and ensure they are in keeping with the company’s communication style.

Likewise, when creating onboarding programmes for new starters it’s important that a company’s tone of voice and brand identity remains present, even in a translation. When brand image is on the line, quality translation is well worth investing in, to make sure the induction process is in line with the company’s instructions in their native language.


For technical educational programmes highly accurate translations will lead to a well-trained end user, this is especially important when their safety is concerned. Technical translations could range from complex compliance or IT software training to in-depth health and safety training for those working with dangerous materials or machinery. In these instances a specialist translator who understands the source text and has experience of the relevant industry terms is essential to achieve an accurate translation that is fit for purpose.

E-learning translations at The Language Factory

At The Language Factory we have specialist translators, across a variety of sectors, who we trust to deliver accurate translations of your e-learning material. If you’d like more information about our specialist education and training translation services email us at


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