When is Transcription Useful? (1/2)

Audio transcription

There are a variety of situations when accurate transcription is useful. Take, for instance, market research. If you are conducting a focus group among a particular target demographic, asking them about a product or service they’ve used, transcription may be very useful. It allows you to have an accurate and complete record of what has been said and the opinions that have been shared.

Or perhaps you have a video you’d like to release on social media. Having an accurate transcription of what is being said could speed up the subtitling process, helping you to reach a wide audience, from those who are hearing-impaired to those who aren’t able to listen to what has shown up on their Facebook feed in public.

And then there’s medical transcription, in the case of a doctor talking about the symptoms of a patient, or in a legal context where accuracy is key.

There are numerous types of transcription, from ‘full verbatim’ to ‘intelligent’ or ‘summarising verbatim’. Read on to see which version will help you make the most of your transcript.

Full Verbatim Transcriptions

A full verbatim transcript is useful when dealing with legal matters such as court proceedings, depositions and negotiations, as well as matters relating to the financial sector where accuracy and accountability are key.

In these matters, stripping down what was said, to just the gist, would make the transcription less valuable. Knowing the entirety of what was said and how it was said could make all the difference when referring to a legislative session.

A full verbatim transcriber therefore needs to:

  • Transcribe the material without bias
  • Transcribe accurately, even if the speaker is muttering or mumbling
  • Produce transcriptions that are reliable and exact enough to impact a legal verdict

Stay tuned to our blog for part two of our transcription series where we look at the benefits of ‘intelligent’ or ‘summarising’ transcripts.

Accurate Transcription Services

At The Language Factory, we utilise linguists who are experts in the field that they are transcribing for, from the research-literate to professionals who are proficient in technical jargon. Our team can efficiently transcribe audio recordings in all common formats across numerous languages.

If you have any further questions about our audio translation services, email us at enquiries@thelanguagefactory.co.uk or call us on +44 1727 862 722 today.


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