The benefits of using a Language Service Provider

When it comes to sourcing translations there are a lot of factors to consider. We know budget is always important to our clients but so too is the level of service and communication, meeting agreed deadlines and an end product that is of the highest possible quality and is fit for purpose. By using a Language Service Provider (LSP), rather than using a variety of translators or in-house resources, you can benefit from added-value as we discuss below.

The benefits of Using a LSP

Here are some of the key benefits of using a LSP:

  1. Consistency– One benefit of using a LSP is consistency in the management of your projects and any queries. It will also allow standards to be set and KPIs to be clearly defined. This means that turnaround time, cost and quality will be established and expectations will be clear. The tone and style of translations should be similar too, with past projects used as reference whenever a new linguist works on your projects.
  2. Project management continuity– A LSP provides one point of contact, which means that you can form a relationship and build up a sense of trust with that Project Manager and company. If there are multiple languages involved in a project, an agency can coordinate questions and answers, making sure everyone is translating with the same information.
  3. A LSP saves you time– Project Managers gain expertise in the efficient processing of client files and translator queries. And, of course, qualified translators are used to practising their craft daily, therefore being able to turn around projects much quicker than an in-house colleague may be able to, especially if that colleague has another day job they need to get done. By using a LSP, you’ll receive your files quicker and have time to focus on what you do best, safe in the knowledge they’ll be of good quality.
  4. Reduce the need for proofreading A huge benefit of working with a LSP is that they should have internal review processes. Having sensitive materials proofread by a second, equally-qualified linguist makes sense. However, a document for information only may not require a second pair of eyes, especially if the linguist who worked on it is qualified and highly experienced and your LSP performs in-house checks.
  5. Reduction of query management Part of managing a translation job is management of queries. If a translator is not sure about a term or the context of a sentence, they will need to ask the client and then feed the response back to all of the translators involved in the project. By using a LSP, one Project Manager will be responsible for managing queries, clarifying them with the client and then communicating the response across the board. This means that interruption time to the client is kept to a minimum, particularly when the PM knows the client well enough to answer the more common or obvious queries without having to ask them.
  6. Cost will be reduced in the long term Costs will be reduced when using a LSP as all data can be managed in one place. The knowledge shared about client preferences and past work can increase efficiency and turnaround on subsequent projects. Working and building up a relationship with a LSP means you can ensure costs are transparent, as we explored in a recent post about the total cost of translations.

At The Language Factory, we only work with experienced and qualified, mother-tongue translators, an incorporate in-house checks as standard on every job, to provide our clients with fit-for-purpose, quality translations. If you’d like to know more about our value-added service offerings give us a call on +44 1727 862722 or send us your project details, using the form below, to receive a tailored quote.


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