Technological Market Research

The Language Factory has a wealth of experience in high-tech research translation, working on surveys for a number of IT, telecoms and electronics firms to provide accurate surveys and research materials.

Our specialist linguists have the technological expertise and terminology knowledge necessary to ensure that your surveys hit the mark.

Excellent technological knowledge

Our linguists are up-to-date with all the latest technologies and aware of the latest devices, technological features and capabilities.

It’s their job to know as much as possible about new trends in order to pitch survey questions in the right way, to avoid inaccuracy or confusion.

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Using precise terminology

Using the required terminology is paramount when describing highly technical products and services, like smartphones, tablets and telecoms systems.

When Apple released the latest iPad, our translators were first in line to brush up on its features, learning about and researching how best to translate its lighter-than-light new design, reduced bezels and A7 chip. And let’s not forget Samsung’s rival product, the Galaxy Tab, with its WXGA resolution, SoundAlive audio enhancer and light sensor (résolution WXGA, système d’optimisation audio Sound Alive and capteur de luminosité in French, in case you were wondering).

We accurately translate your products and services in your target language, using the most relevant expressions and terms, allowing you to get the most reliable results possible.