Stimulus Materials

Stimulus materials play a key part in many forms of market research.  They’re used to augment traditional interviewing techniques by prompting the respondent through visual, auditory or written means.  Essentially, they enable respondents to engage on a more direct level with the material.

There are two kinds of stimulus materials:

Direct stimulus has an explicit relationship with the marketing or communications context.  A good example would be an image from a new magazine advertising campaign, or music that is to be run in the background of a TV advert.

Indirect stimulus material isn’t related to the marketing in a direct sense, but may still provide relevant information about the thought processes or feelings of participants.  Good examples would be measuring participant reactions to different sounds, or their levels of agreement with a set of statements.  Both can provide useful insight without being directly linked to the end marketing.

Translating stimulus materials

Stimulus materials are used to provoke a response.  It’s therefore vital that they are translated accurately, so that the reactions obtained provide useful and relevant information.  Given that a single error in word choice, sentence structure or tone could completely change the meaning of the stimulus, this isn’t something any company should take lightly.

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The Language Factory

At The Language Factory, we regularly translate stimulus materials including – but not limited to:

  • Product profiles
  • Concepts
  • Showcards
  • Questionnaires
  • Brand lists
  • Equipment specifications
  • Advertising

We work to ensure that every single piece of stimulus is translated accurately and clearly, leaving no room for misinterpretation.  We achieve this through a number of key focus points:

  • All of our translators are mother tongue speakers who truly understand both the cultural and social norms of their language.  This is particularly vital in marketing, where cultural references can be commonplace.
  • We use the latest industry-leading software to promote complete accuracy and guarantee consistency.
  • Our qualified project managers and linguists will ensure that your translations are delivered perfectly and to your chosen deadline.

To find out how our translation services can help your company get better research results, give The Language Factory a call today on 01727 862722.