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When is a translation a technical translation? How long is a piece of string? It’s all a matter of perspective but basically when the language and terminology used goes beyond a layman’s understanding, a translation can be considered technical.

That said, what is technical for one translator might not be for another, if they’ve got the relevant qualifications and subject-matter experience. A product profile for a new medication, for example, might seem technical to an automotive specialist, but to a qualified and experienced medical translator, it’s business as usual.

The Language Factory has over 25 years’ experience translating for a range of technical sectors and understand the importance of accuracy and terminology in this particular field.

Our translators

When it comes to technical translations, the quality of translators we work with is crucial. To be included in our team of freelancers, each must demonstrate that they:

  • Are a professional translator working solely into their mother tongue
  • Are qualified to degree or post-graduate degree level in translation
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience in their chosen field
  • Have successfully completed a test translation for each subject area they cover

The test enables us to verify their ability to translate, research terminology and produce work according to our guidelines and within set timeframes, all of which is essential when producing quality technical translations.

Their membership of industry bodies such as ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) or CIoL (Chartered Institute of Linguists) are further proof of their dedication to their profession and us as their clients. Affiliation with subject-specific industry bodies is also desirable.

Because we know that all the translators in our team meet these fulfil these basic criteria, when sourcing translators for a new project, we look at two things:

  1. Language combination: native speaker of the target language and extensive knowledge and experience of the source language
  2. Subject-matter experience: a minimum of 5 years as a translator in their chosen field


Our in-house use of translation memory software enables us to create and maintain glossaries and databases of our clients’ translations, ensuring terminology and stylistic consistency from project to project. This is never more important than when we are translating documents with a high technical content as industry-specific terminology comes in great abundance and our clients need to know their company terms are being faithfully and consistently rendered from one document to the next.


All the translators to whom we entrust our clients’ project must sign our terms and conditions, in which they agree to abide by our strict confidentiality agreement so you can be sure your document is safe in our hands.


Over the last two decades, we have worked on a wide variety of technical translation projects for customers in the following sectors:

Each translation is tailored to its target audience, whether it’s a flyer for replacement spark plugs and glow plugs, a certificate of conformity for a new sprinkler system or documentation on EU product regulations.

Why should you invest in technical translation? Find out why

Our team

Our team of experienced and graduate-linguist Project Managers will handle your project from quote request to delivery. They will ensure that the project specification is clear, that any and all reference materials and glossaries are passed on to, and ultimately used by, the translators and that any queries from our translators are handled quickly and any information passed on to other linguists working on the project. They are also responsible for the in-house QA checks prior to delivery of your finished translation.

We regularly receive high praise from our clients for our Project Managers for their hard work and dedication. Their priority is our clients’ satisfaction and they regularly go the extra mile to ensure you are completely happy with the finished product. They are your main point of contact, taking the stress of dealing with the minutiae of a translation project out of your hands.


"Delivered early, very easy to work with as usual. You guys rock!"

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