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The number of foreign visitors to the UK’s tourist destinations increases year on year. In 2013, over 32,000 visitors came to the UK from all over the world, staying for an average of 7.5 nights per visit. This represents a significant potential market for many businesses, from restaurants and hotels to stately homes and other tourist attractions. Of this number, around 24,000 visitors came from Europe and whilst the standard belief that “they all speak English” persists in many quarters, to be able to communicate in other languages will give your business an advantage over your competitors.

A key part of translation in the leisure and tourism industries is comprised of high-quality translations by expert translators. And this is where The Language Factory comes in. Only working with mother tongue translators who – quite literally – speak your customers’ language, we can ensure that your documentation will really resonate with your visitors.

So, whether you need our help with:

or anything else, we can help you reach your target audience.

For that extra sense of reassurance, any materials for publication will be proofread by a second, equally qualified translator. We will also arrange a final post DTP check to make sure no minor typos slip through and all line breaks meet with national linguistic conventions.


"Kris, was very helpful and sent the document earlier than expected, which helped us to launch the project on time. The quality of the translations were (as always) very high. Thanks Kris"

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