How to find a quality translation agency


If you’re searching the net for providers of high quality translations you undoubtedly understand the importance of getting translations right the first time, in order to make a good first impression with your demographic and target market.

And if you’re looking on behalf of a market research agency you’ll also know translating surveys into other languages needs to be undertaken by a professional in order to get quality translations and, by extension, responses, which you can compare across multiple languages and markets.

This post outlines ways to identify if the language service provider (LSP) you’re looking to work with can deliver quality translations within your quoted costs.

Quality indicators

When you want quality translations first time around, what do you look out for when sourcing a new translation agency?

Lots of agencies will claim to be the best but they can’t all be, can they? A trustworthy translation provider should not only provide the best quality but also understand the challenges of your industry and target market. Questions you can ask to get a feel for their credibility include:

  • Do their translators translate into their mother tongue and have previous experience of your subject matter?
  • Are their translators qualified professionals and a member of a translation body?
  • Have they asked which country and market your text will be used for?
  • Do they provide translators with style guides for technical or branded topics?
  • Do they keep to their deadlines? – Check for client testimonials on their website

Price isn’t everything

When looking for an LSP, do bear in mind that while the cheaper quote may seem like the best option for your budget, it may not be the whole story. We might say, ‘price is no object’ but, when it comes to products and services, of course it has to be considered in the decision-making process. And the price or rate you’re quoted in the initial stages might not be the total cost of the translation project.

In our last post, we explored how post-project revisions can add unexpected costs and timings to your translation projects. What happens if you need extra words translated? Or your client wants to re-work the document? Or they have three sets of feedback they need to have implemented? An experienced LSP will have a system for handling additional translation requirements and post-project revisions and be able to help you budget for these up front.

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At The Language Factory we’re proud to stay we stick to stringent guidelines and work with only the best translators. As qualified specialists, who work into their mother tongue, we know our translators understand the cultural and technical contexts of the texts they translate. Plus, being members of translations bodies, they regularly educate themselves to keep up-to-date on any language developments. Our 98% client satisfaction rate is testament to our quality service but don’t just take our word for it – you can read the reviews for yourself.


"Thank you for a very friendly and professional service that you have provided. Your responsiveness was also highly valued."

Client Analyst Market Research Agency

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