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Whether you require translations for patient surveys, equipment manuals or documentation surrounding clinical trials, accuracy is paramount for all medical translations. In fact, the consequences of inaccurate materials can be more significant in this sector than in any other given that the health of patients is at stake, not to mention the livelihood of medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies.

To get the best quality translations it is always best to use a native and qualified linguist. Furthermore, medical translations require translators to have specialist knowledge of terminology and regulations, depending on the content being translated and its intended audience.

The benefits

For us, the benefits gained from sourcing a quality medical translator are all no-brainers. Here are just some of the reasons why it pays to work with the best of the best:

  • To preserve the health of the patient. Both medical equipment and medicine itself are labelled with instructions and terms and conditions of use. Accurate translation of these labels keeps patients safe and prevents any fatalities caused by misuse.
  • Avoid potential lawsuits. Patients need to be aware of ingredients in new medication that they may be allergic to. Accurate and clear translations are the best way to avoid any potential lawsuits, for unnecessary harm caused to patients, which can cost millions.
  • Prevent equipment wastage and damage. Medical equipment often requires delicate, careful handling. To avoid potential damage and large costs for machinery repair it’s essential the instructions for use and maintenance are translated to the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Prevent medication wastage. To get the most out of medical and pharmaceutical substances and prevent wastage they must be stored correctly. Accurate labelling can help avoid wastage and prolong the life of expensive products.
  • Capture accurate information. If your questionnaires are accurate then the responses you capture will be too, giving you measurable data – whether you need feedback from patients or healthcare professionals.
  • Precise patient histories. On some occasions, it may be necessary for customer histories to be translated (if they have moved overseas, for instance). It is important that the information in patient histories is translated precisely and completely so the patient can get the most suitable treatment. Patients with known allergic reactions can also be catered for when being prescribed medication.

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Whatever your requirement for medical translations, we have a team of experienced Project Managers and qualified linguists who can help. If you’d like to discuss the specialist services we have available for medical market research, please email us at enquiries@thelanguagefactory.co.uk.


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