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Italian has its roots in Latin, like many of the European Romance languages, meaning that in many ways it is quite similar to French, Spanish and Portuguese. Of course, the days of Latin being the lingua franca of Europe are long past, but Italian, as a language and a culture, still has a large global influence that shouldn’t be ignored.

Of course, other than a handful of former colonies and the Italian peninsula itself, Italian is not a very widely spoken language. In those areas where it does have influence, however, its influence is all encompassing. In order to understand and therefore to translate into Italian, it is important to understand the culture, history and the country itself. Our professional Italian translators are all native speakers to whom these aspects come as second nature, which is why you can be sure that we properly translate every aspect of your meaning.

Italian Dialects

Like many languages, Italian is a language of varied dialects as well as having a central ‘official’ language. Modern Italian is based mostly on the language spoken in 15th century Tuscany, which was most widely spoken in its day, and most closely resembling classical Italian. However, in many parts of Italy, older geographic boundaries are still important and regional identity is strong:

  • Neapolitan: One of the largest subcultures of Italian, commonly found in southern Italy where the old Kingdom of Naples used to exist. Although Neapolitan and Italian culture and dialect are largely similar, you can endear yourself to natives of the region by picking up on some of the differences;
  • Friulian: The Friuli area of Italy is in the north east where the local dialect, Friulian, is a recognised Italian minor language and is taught locally;
  • Piedmontese: Sometimes considered to have its own language, Piedmont is an area in North West Italy. The local dialect and culture have not been well protected and in recent decades have seen a large decline, but there are still many Piedmontese speakers in this area of the world;
  • Sardinian: Like Piedmontese, Sardinian is a culture that has shrunk considerably since Sardinia’s integration with Italy so the number of self-identifying Sardinians are few, even as proud as they are;
  • Venetian: The old Kingdom of Venice in north east Italy used to hold much power and the local dialect, Venetian, is quite distinct from Italian.

What to expect from our Italian translation services

Our professional Italian translators will make sure that all cultural and linguistic subtleties are take into consideration when translating your content. You can also expect the content to be about 10% to 15% longer than the English version so make sure you leave enough space for the expansion of text when working on your document layout.

Interesting facts about the Italian language

  • Italian is a language mostly based on the 15th century Tuscan dialect, due to its central location in Italy and the natives’ proactive trade and commerce;
  • Many of the Italian ‘dialects’ are considered separate languages in their own right, largely thanks to the debate around what counts as a language and what counts as a dialect;
  • As well as being the primary language of Italy, Italian is one of four official languages of Switzerland, and the second most common language of Argentina;
  • Although in the centre of Italy, Italian is only the second official language of Vatican City, the first being Latin.

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