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All of our professional native Finnish translators are specialists in their chosen sector, have a minimum of five years’ experience and hold a diploma, BA or MA in translation. No matter what you need to have translated, our translation experts will draw upon their knowledge base to ensure that the exact meaning is conveyed across your language barrier.

What to expect from our Finnish translation service

Nordic languages often function more like language groups. In the case of Finnish, it is only the most famous of the Finnic language family, which is spoken through much of Scandinavia and has multiple Western and Eastern dialects. Of these, the most common are:

  • Finnish, the majority language of Finland in the modern era
  • Meänkieli, a language cluster on the Finno-Swedish border and within Sweden
  • Kven, spoken in Finland and Norway, is almost a separate language that has evolved so closely alongside Finnish that the two have shaped each other’s development
  • Karelian, a Russian language which has been linked to the Finns but which may not originally have had more than a loose connection.

However, even calling these the most common dialects does not do justice to the degree to which Finnish is the majority language. It’s extremely rare to meet a native speaker of Meankieh, Kven, or Karelian in the country.

It is probably worth noting that a Finnish sentence will typically be shorter and simpler than the English equivalent due to the way words combine in the Finnic languages, and therefore any text translated into Finnish will be shorter than the original – though the words themselves are often significantly longer.

Interesting facts about the Finnish language

  • Written, or ‘Standardised’, Finnish is a constructed language designed for literature, and is different from colloquial Finnish in a number of small but important ways.
  • Elias Lönnrot is responsible for much of how written Finnish functions today. An active advocate of the language, he is also the compiler of the Kalevala, the greatest work of Finnish legend. His closest English equivalent would be someone like Geoffrey Chaucer, who popularised writing in English with his Canterbury Tales.
  • During World War Two, a Finnish word for courage, “sisu”, became much praised by the British. The word more accurately means a stoic determination and bravery under any circumstances, and is widely held to be the national characteristic of the Finn.
  • Finnish is a major inspiration for Quenya, one of the Elven languages in The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, giving the language much of its grammar. Perhaps acknowledging this, Tolkien’s poem about Turin Turambar is based heavily on the story of Väinämöinen, the main character in the Kalevala.
  • Through the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Finns were in a quiet conflict with the ruling Swedish authorities over the status of their native language. The ‘language strife’ didn’t fully end until the 1930s.


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