Professional Danish Translation Services

Translation between English and Danish is not to be attempted by everyone.

We set a high minimum standard for any translator used by The Language Family, and we believe it’s a vital minimum. Any document we are translating from English into Danish will be handled by a native speaker of Danish who holds a degree in translation and has worked in translation for at least five years.

What to expect from our Danish translation service

  • There are 29 letters in the Danish alphabet. When you receive your document, it’s likely that you’ll see characters in it that you don’t recognise: æ, ø and å.
  • The definite article is created by adding the indefinite article to the end of the word it refers to, so a car, or ‘en bil’, becomes the car, or ‘bilen’ meaning that you see fewer small interstitial words in each sentence.
  • The possessive apostrophe isn’t used, and so you see far fewer apostrophes in general in an equivalent length of text.
  • However, the overall length of a sentence in both languages isn’t often very different. Whichever way your piece is translated, you shouldn’t expect much difference in apparent length.

Some interesting facts about the Danish language

  • A great many regional dialect words in English are almost identical to Danish equivalents, like the Scots word ‘kirk’ used for church. There are however also more widely-used loanwords in English, like ‘egg’.
  • Danish is, of course, part of the Scandinavian linguistic continuum, with the Norwegian dialects being closer to it than Swedish.
  • What you may not realise is how closely intertwined Old English and Old Norse really were. Some words that exist in both must be loanwords in one direction or the other, but despite a long tradition of written Scandinavian, it’s impossible to tell for certain in which language these words originated.
  • The most famous Danish writer remains Hans Christian Andersen, who set down countless fairy tales and produced a volume which has led over time to these tales being known the world over. A statue of one of his most famous creations, the Little Mermaid, rests in Copenhagen Harbour.
  • At the same time as Andersen was writing, a new wave of philosophy was spreading in Danish, led by figures like Soren Kierkegaard.
  • However, by far the most famous Danish word in the world today is a corruption. Lego, the name of the company which makes the constructible toys for children and collectors and which has inspired a series of bestselling computer games and a blockbuster summer movie, is derived from the Danish leg godt, which means ‘play well’. The company, and later the bricks, were given their name by founder Ole Kirk Christiansen.


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