English to Danish Translation

The Danish language is spoken all across Europe and America. With over 2.4 million speakers over the world, it’s a sizable demographic for businesses and professionals. An accurate English to Danish translation service is vital to ensure you engage with your target audience.

The relationship between Danish and other Scandinavian languages is interesting. Danish, is a mutually intelligible language alongside Swedish and Norwegian. This means that speakers of one each language can often understand one another.

Yet, Danish is still a unique language and native Danish speakers are important to ensure your translation strikes the right chord.

The Importance of Bespoke English to Danish Translation

Your audience is more likely to consider your message if you use their language. The Harvard Business Review found that 56.2% of consumers rated engaging with content in their own language over price. Using mother-tongue speakers for your English to Danish translation keeps your message on target.

What Makes Danish Different?

  • English and Danish have West Germanic origins. This means there are many similarities in the building blocks of both languages.
  • Danish has nine vowels: A, E, I, O, U, Æ, Ø, and Å. Å did not exist until 1948 when they were created to replace ‘aa’ usage in words.
  • Like German, Danish often uses compounding to make new words, for example, computerproducent (computer manufacturer) and markedsundersøgelse (market research).
  • Danish has a different set of rules for nouns than other languages such as German and French. Rather than having masculine and feminine nouns, they have common and neuter.

The Language Factory: English to Danish Translation you can Trust

The Language Factory are industry leaders in the fields of translation and proofreading. This reputation stems from our commitment to providing accurate translation by using native speakers of the target language. We pair your project with a translator who is an expert in your chosen language and competent in your industry, for high accuracy results. To enquire about your project’s English to Danish Translation, call us today at +44 1727 862722 or fill our contact form.


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