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When it comes to your Chinese translations, it’s vital to be able to trust your translation agency. Poorly translated materials could have a very serious impact on your business growth and reputation. All of our Chinese translators are experts in their chosen industry field as well as being native speakers. You can rest assured that their knowledge of both Chinese and English is top notch and that they are fully up-to-date with recent linguistic changes, terminology, idioms and slang expressions in both their own and the source language.

Things to consider:

  • Chinese is not written using the alphabet used by European languages, but uses characters which primarily are ideograms representing concepts rather than speech sounds. There are two main writing systems for Chinese currently in use: Traditional and Simplified.
  • Chinese is mainly spoken by the Chinese communities throughout Asia, of course in China and Taiwan, but also in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.
  • If you wish to communicate with people in mainland China, you will need to use Simplified Chinese. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, however, they use Traditional Chinese. If you’re unsure about what version of Chinese you need then we are here to help.
  • Translating texts from English to Chinese will usually lead to the text contracting in length, often by as much as 30%.  If your materials or documents have been professionally designed, it’s worth bearing in mind that this could alter the layout.

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