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The pace of change is very fast for market research as a whole and discussions at the MRS Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Conference, in London, were no exception. As experts in translating for the market research sector, we at The Language Factory like to keep up to date on the industry and this conference did not disappoint. In fact, we have so many highlights we’ve had to split our usual roundup post into three. But as you’ll read in part two, this is all part of a rolling, bite-sized delivery we’re sure you’ll appreciate!

Customer experience

What was clear from a day of interesting talks was the importance of keeping the focus on the customer. Far from doing research solely to boost company growth, research was focused on the customer’s needs, thought processes and pain points as well as improving their experience. For the travel industry this is of course important as the average consumer has so much choice now that it pays to listen to them closely.

Some of the research presented illustrated this perfectly as the use of focus groups, priority mobile phone apps and video interviews made sure the customer was engaged throughout the research process and sharing their views from start to finish.

As Farrell Styers, Research Director for InSites Consulting, said, “the very act of research is part of good customer service”. He also passed on a proven technique of performing research when the customer is experiencing the very thing you want their opinions on. In the past this has been a challenge but using a specially designed mobile phone application, with “short and snappy questions with no fluff”, proved very successful for their airline client. Customers with the app felt a sense of priority, over those who travelled but weren’t surveyed, as they felt their voice was being heard. Insights were then used to improve the physical journey for the whole customer segment targeted in the study.

It seems when used as ‘creative consultants’, rather than just respondents, the insights gleamed from travel consumers are usually much more practical and actionable.

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Look out for the second instalment of our MRS roundup, next week, where we share our highlights of how best to bring insights into action, as well as security, safety and politics.


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