MicroLoan Foundation – Women Who Inspire

The Language Factory is proud to support MicroLoan Foundation, a charity that gives sub-Saharan African women and their families the resources and skills to work their way out of poverty.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, on 8th March, MicroLoan Foundation have launched a campaign which they hope will evolve into a movement.

When you think of inspiring women in your life, who comes to mind? Friends, colleagues, a family member, a teacher or mentor?

This is your chance to pass on love, kindness and all-round positive vibes to the inspiring women in your life by purchasing a Giving Gift which will help out vulnerable and financially excluded women to build a better and sustainable life for themselves and their families.

When you purchase a gift on behalf of the inspiring woman or women in your life, you can request a personalised eCard to let them know why you think they’re awesome and how your gift will go on to inspire female entrepreneurs.

What will your gift mean for a family?

£10 can provide agricultural training for a woman to learn how to feed her family.

Just £22 can provide an inspired woman with a year’s worth of business training in Malawi, to transform her into an entrepreneur.

With £50, you and your chosen inspirational woman can support a sub-Saharan woman to start her own business, with a starter loan and business training.

A £100 gift can transform a family by providing a loan, training and support to a woman and her family for a whole year.

The gift that keeps giving

99% of Microloans are repaid which means your initial gift can go back into the Foundation, again and again, to help other women start a business and work their way out of poverty. You can read some of their success stories here. To start the chain of kindness and recognise the amazing women in your life, send them a Giving Gift.

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