MicroLoan Christmas appeal

MicoLoan Christmas Appeal

As The Language Factory is a long-term supporter of MicroLoan Foundation we like to update you on the charity from time to time. As their slogan ‘giving hope not handouts’ suggests, their support is all about helping women by giving them the opportunity to help themselves.

Since 2002 the MicroLoan Foundation has helped over 140,000 women, from the poorest areas of Africa, to start businesses which provide a regular income for themselves and their families. This means they can build a sustainable life and a way out of poverty.

For many of the women MicroLoan Foundation support, giving their children the opportunities that they never had remains a priority. Top of that list is the chance of an education. But all too often when a crisis hits, like the current famine, children are taken out of school to help at home. Their parents have little choice.

MicroLoan supports women with small loans and training so that they can start a small business to earn a regular income. They also teach all their clients the importance of saving. When a woman starts her business, she starts to save and build her family a ‘safety net’, giving her the chance to keep her children in school, even when times are tough. In fact 60% less of MicroLoan’s clients’ children now drop out of school to help the family at home.

A donation of £100 will help fund a woman for a year with the loans, training and support that she needs to start a business. With the regular income she earns she can send her children to school. With the savings she puts aside, for possible times of crisis, she can make sure they finish school.

Until 31st December 2016 every pound you donate to MicroLoan will be matched by two of their long-term supporters, up to the value of £20,000. So if you’re able to donate this month please do as your money will go even further. Visit the MicroLoan website and press the big ‘donate now’ button to give what you can. As little as £10 is enough for an initial loan for some women. Enough for them to begin to turn their life around.


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