Translating medical terminology

medical terminology translation

Whether you need a transcription of a consultation or the translation of a medical guide, patient report or healthcare brochure, the terminology required will be specialised but may vary depending on the audience and the source that is being translated.

We recently released a blog post highlighting the importance of keeping the integrity of the source during the translation process, ensuring it remains compliant for the intended purpose within the medical sector. This post looks at how terminology is a key factor in achieving high quality medical translations.

No room for error

Irrespective of whether your source text is aimed at leaders of the medical profession, pharmaceutical companies, patients or end-users of medical devices, there is no room for even the slightest error in your translation. Therefore, the translators who work on your projects need to know their speciality as if it were part of their mother tongue language and be up to date on developments and changes in the specific technical language used.

This will help pharmaceutical companies stay compliant but equally important is the safety of patients. The accurate translation of labels on drugs and medical equipment and, likewise, a patient’s medical history will keep them safe from possible dangers such as missing allergy information.

Translation for medical studies

Market research in the medical sector is often dependent on respondent feedback. Here accuracy is still of the upmost importance in order to use the data gathered when fielding in other markets. Not only does it aid the development of medical products, it keeps participants safe during drug trials. In cases where survey respondents are medical professionals it is important to use a translator with the appropriate technical knowledge in order to maintain the quality of the translation.

At The Language Factory, we only ever use trained and qualified linguists who can deliver high quality translations. When translating for the medical sector, our clients trust us to allocate the best translator for the job, every time, based on technical ability and experience. You can call us to discuss any upcoming requirements on +44 1727 862722 or send us your project details below.


"Our client was really impressed with the quality of the translations and we didn't receive any amends from them which is great news and means we can get everything up and running much quicker on the study."

Operations Manager Market Research Agency


We have a range of qualified, mother-tongue translators ready to help with specialist medical topics and documentation.

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