Challenges of medical translation

Medical Translation

In our recent blog posts we highlighted the importance of regulation compliance and the use of correct medical terminology when translating for the medical sector.

All good LSP’s should know if their translators are suitable for translating specific types of medical content such as surveys, product labelling or prescriptions. Of course, to achieve quality translations, mother-tongue translators should always be used to ensure native knowledge of all language conventions and local culture.

We decided to speak to Caroline Ondares King, our Project Team Leader and Resource Manager, to see what other challenges our Project Managers face in order to provide high quality medical translations.

Experienced medical translator?

“One of the main challenges is of course achieving high quality medical translations when under pressure from tight deadlines. All of our clients rely on us for accurate translations within the agreed timelines in order to get their studies to field on time. In the medical sector this becomes even more crucial as regulation compliance and specific terminology need to be taken into account when placing the project.

“To achieve this, we use our experience and the knowledge of our trusted team of linguists to select the best translator for each project. As we are a smaller agency, we know our translators well and can often recall their specialist terminology knowledge and language combinations without having to refer to our database. This is essential for saving time when placing the job, whilst ensuring we select the translator who is the best fit for our client. Plus, our close relationships ensure we can trust them to deliver within client timelines without the need for additional revisions.”

UK medical translations

As a UK-based translation agency we often translate from English into other languages. All our Project Managers are linguists themselves and some are also qualified translators. Our clients trust them to match projects to the mother-tongue translator with the most relevant experience in order to get high quality medical translations within tight deadlines.

Check our blog for the next post in our healthcare series which will explore how quality translations can overcome possible pitfalls associated with medical translation. In the meantime, if you’d like more information on our healthcare services don’t hesitate to call us on +44 1727 862722 or email us at


"The team have been truly great. We are incredibly pleased with the service provided. They are reactive, helpful, and very accommodating to our rather demanding needs."

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We have a range of qualified, mother-tongue translators ready to help with specialist medical topics and documentation.

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