Medical Sector Translation

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of translation services we can at The Language Factory. When lives are on the line we know that accuracy is even more vital, which is why we employ mother-tongue translators with full comprehension of the sector’s needs and context.

We make sure that every linguistic nuance is considered and that nothing is lost in translation.

The Importance of Accurate Medical Translation

There are many reasons why medical translations need to be of the highest possible standard.

One example of this comes in abbreviations. Someone who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder might grow used to referring to it as ADHD. In German, however, the disorder is known as ADHS – Aufmerksamkeits-Defizit-Syndrome. Those who suffer Irritable Bowel Syndrome in France will need to be aware of the abbreviation SCI – Syndrome du Côlon Irritable.

Abbreviations are just one of the many pitfalls a medical translator needs to be aware of. There are occasions where literal translations might be misleading. For instance, Kaiserschnitt – literally in German, ‘King’s Cut’, or as we better know it in English, a Caesarean or C-Section.

The medical sciences are a constantly changing field. Quite often medical terms and procedures become obsolete due to increased understanding of medical issues. That’s why it’s important that translators in the field keep up-to-date with medical developments.

Service You Can Trust

We’re careful in the translation services that we offer, and translators we employ are specialists in their respective linguistic fields. We only choose translators who understand not only the cultural nuances of the language in question, but who also know the industry very well.

Our services extend to health and safety too, providing a full suite of medical and health focused translation will a full understanding of the sensitivity and crucial nature of the information we work with.

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"Kris, was very helpful and sent the document earlier than expected, which helped us to launch the project on time. The quality of the translations were (as always) very high. Thanks Kris"

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We have a range of qualified, mother-tongue translators ready to help with specialist medical topics and documentation.

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