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When it comes to seeking marketing translation services UK providers are rarely more qualified than The Language Factory. We understand how much communication matters, and that the market perception of your brand has the potential to create growth, attract talent and drive success. 

Like so many things in life, what is important is not always simple: creating powerful marketing, PR and advertising content is not an easy job. So whilst you focus on that, trust our team of experienced Project Managers and hand-picked, mother-tongue linguists to ensure your brand, message and materials resonate in every market.

Advertising, media & PR translation


There are many moving parts to a successful content strategy – earned and paid media, engaging with journalists and influencers, creating impactful content, and much more. These tactics are fundamental to the way your brand is perceived and understood by your customers, prospects, employees and investors. To achieve sustained growth it’s vital these audiences get the right messages at the right time, wherever they are in the world.  

Our ISO-certified translation and revision service ensures you can confidently go ‘straight to publication’ in all media markets. We are trusted by agencies, in-house teams and publications alike to meet deadlines, translating copy with speed and accuracy for the 24-hour news cycle.    

Digital marketing translation


Multi-market, multi-channel, multiple opportunities for meaning to get lost and errors to occur. Accurate and brand sensitive translation can have a huge impact on your campaign’s ROI.  

Whether you need website translation services, social media translation, or marketing translation for your compelling content and campaign assets, we can help. 

Your dedicated Project Manager will ensure the chosen linguist is fully briefed on your brand guidelines, campaign objectives and deadlines. Your content and brand tone of voice will be translated to help you build awareness, thought leader status and demand in 140+ languages.

Insights, collateral and brochure translation


Compelling campaign assets are critical to the client buying process, the right marketing collateral at the right point in the sales cycle can have a huge impact.

Our Project Managers will leverage the power of technology to identify cost efficiencies and expertise to deliver your project on time and on budget. Our expert mother-tongue translators will use their linguistic talents and experience in your sector to ensure every asset resonates with your global target audience.  The best of both worlds!

From emails to whitepapers, we’ll make sure your sales toolkit is an international success.  




Languages are constantly changing, evolving with culture, technology, trends and more.

Our expert mother-tongue linguists keep pace with these shifts, ensuring the language used in your target markets conveys the right meaning to your audience. They will apply this knowledge to your localisation project, accurately representing your brand and tone of voice, and delivering your carefully crafted messages with maximum impact. 

What’s more, over the last 27 years we’ve curated a broad network of linguists. We select the best translator for your project, based their excellent language skills plus their expertise in the lexicon and style of your sector.


Trusted translation partner of global brands from a broad range of sectors, including:

Market research & insights

Marketing, PR & advertising

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