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Corporate communications and PR are a company’s expression of itself to the world. They contribute to how an organisation is perceived by the public, its customers, its employees and its investors. For sustained success and growth, it is vital these audiences get the right impression.

For 25 years The Language Factory’s corporate communications and PR team has been helping companies make the right impression with their audiences around the world.


Why choose us for corporate communications and PR translation


Corporate communications

Corporate communications is a serious business. So we take it seriously. There is a critical need for accuracy, technical precision and consistency.    

Our advice is that you don’t take short cuts. So we don’t either. We use only 100% human translators with at least five years’ translation experience in your industry.

As a native speaker of your target language they will be familiar with localised business etiquette and text style to produce a culturally appropriate interpretation of your communications.    

Projects are coordinated by a qualified Language Factory linguist project manager, who will work with you to transform your carefully crafted wording and company message into a precise document for your target audience. 

Our corporate communication translations include: annual company reports, investor documentation, internal and external announcements, company website, intranet and social media posts documentation.



PR moves pretty fast. Press releases and company announcements get drafted and distributed around the world in short timeframes. When it comes to translation, you need a fast, adaptable service. Well, that’s us!

We specialise in localisation of your PR. Converting your content, context, tone of voice and meaning, to culturally appropriate material for consumption in your target country, by your target audience.

Our PR translations include: press releases, social media posts, editorial and comments for trade media, executive interviews and corporate events marketing, announcements and awards materials. 

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