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To discover relevant insights they can implement, one thing market researchers focus on is knowing their audience. When it comes to translating surveys into other languages, this focus is no different and remains just as important. This post looks at some examples from other cultures which a quality language service provider (LSP) would be aware of and discuss with their clients during the translation process.

We have previously focused on how culture and language both need to be considered when localising content but this post looks specifically at considering your audience during the translation process, particularly a young audience.


We recently released our latest infographic detailing many considerations, both for language and culture, which are good to keep in mind when doing business and market research in Germany. Aside from these points, it is also important to consider different modes of address when translating into German.

If you have a very young audience, for example, translators would choose to use an informal mode of address. For adults, however, the tone and mode of address would always be formal. This is an important consideration, especially when your survey is directed at young children who can’t read the questions themselves. The mode of address would then have to be formal when instructing the accompanying adult to ask the question but the question for the child being surveyed would have to be informal.


Similarly, in Japan, surveys aimed at children would be translated differently to those for adults. Children in Japan initially only learn the first of three sets of characters that make up the Japanese language, whereas adults learn all three. So depending on who your survey is aimed at, you may need different translations.

Quality results

Whether it’s a survey, marketing material or HR documents, it’s always important to consider your audience when translating. In order to achieve the best results and responses, from your surveys and materials, quality translations must first be provided. Here at The Language Factory all our Project Managers are qualified linguists themselves so they can advise you on localisation considerations, saving you time on your project turnarounds and also enabling you to get the best results from your translations.

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