Leisure & Tourism Market Research

The Language Factory has vast experience in the leisure and tourism markets, working with research specialists, whose clients include entertainment companies, travel agencies and tourism bodies, to provide high-quality and accurately translated research material.

Our expert leisure and tourism market research translations ensure that your surveys use the correct vocabulary and terminology, specifically targeted to consumers in different markets.

Use of Adjectives

Being a really rich language, English often has a number of adjectives with similar meanings, with only nuances or contextual differences between them. This can make it a challenge to find similar words in your target language.

For example, your survey may give respondents an advert for a hotel in Dubai and require a list of adjectives to describe what they think of the size of the hotel.

In English we might use some of the following words interchangeably:

large, great, big, huge, substantial, massive

The same can be said about how you might describe one of the hotel’s core services:

important, paramount, essential, vital, crucial, meaningful

However, when translating to other languages, things become more complicated.

Our linguists are able to identify the correct adjectives for your target language, in context, ensuring that respondents can choose relevant terms that fit their feelings and impressions.

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Finding the right contextual Meaning

During translation we ensure that we translate the true meaning of a text, not just the words, so that it makes sense to respondents.

It’s an oft-used example, but a literal translation of the English expression, “it’s raining cats and dogs” would mean nothing or next to nothing in any other languages. We know though that what’s meant is it’s pouring with rain so we’d choose a suitable equivalent in other languages, such as “il pleut des cordes” in French (it’s raining ropes) or “es regnet Bindfäden” in German (it’s raining threads).

Survey bias

When translating leisure and tourism research material, it’s also important to keep the text neutral so as not to convey bias – this could result in inaccurate results. You wouldn’t want, for example, to convey your enthusiasm for a particular holiday destination in case it influenced respondents. Likewise a translator needs to retain the same neutrality.

Translating regularly for this industry’s target audience, our linguists are able to use their expert knowledge of your target language and required terminology to create surveys that provide accurate and consistent results, in the right register and tone of voice, whether for business travel or family holidays.