The Importance of Education and Training Translation


Translation in any sector is important, but having accurately and well-translated educational and training material is particularly vital. A good translation could be the difference between passing or failing a course or even the safe use of dangerous machinery.

Translation for Teachers

When you’re teaching, you want to ensure that you’re delivering the best education that you can to your students. Clear and accurate understanding early on in someone’s schooling can be the perfect foundation for further growth later down the line.

Getting an accurate translation of educational material is a great way to ensure broader and more thorough engagement. It might be that you’re translating an early learning textbook for wider international appeal, or perhaps you want to translate seminar materials for international university students.

Including a translated set of presentation notes can help encourage engagement and offering exam papers, in a student’s first language, can make sure that you get the most accurate assessment of what they’ve learned.

Training and Instructing

When it comes to training material for professionals, the same benefits apply. Whether you’re translating an internal or external process, having that approachability and clarity for non-native speakers ensures that their training yields the best results. Offering training manuals and presentations, in your employees’ mother tongue, keeps them involved and ensures that they’re fully aware of company processes and proper conduct. This way you can set the same expectations for all your employees regardless of their native language.

Similarly, in situations that involve safety in the workplace, accurate translation is crucial. For instance, training on how to use potentially dangerous machinery in your employees’ mother tongue means you can make sure that they know how to safely and confidently work that apparatus.

The Benefit of Using Experts

There’s more to educational and informative translations than just accuracy. Picking the right tone for your intended audience is also important.

By using qualified translators, with at least five years’ experience in the educational sector, we can be certain that the translated piece is going to be pitched perfectly for its purpose. Our native translators will have the cultural experience to choose words that are simple enough for younger learners, or include the right level of complexity and technical language for adult learners.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of translation, we’re ready to handle any translation task, no matter how complicated. If you’re looking for a translation for your educational content we can help you in over 140 languages call us on +44 1727 862 722 or email


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