Health and safety translations – quality procedure

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating an accurate translation for content in the health and safety sector? We split up the process, part by part, to reveal important elements for achieving a quality translation of health and safety material that is highly accurate and fit for use in another language.


Identify the technical requirements for the translation – Assess the material to identify technical information to ensure an appropriate translator is selected. This task is handled by the Project Manager.

Select an appropriately educated translator for the project –The Project Manager will select a translator with appropriate understanding of health and safety and any other technical aspects of the material. For example, if the material has automotive references a translator who has knowledge in this area is essential.

Ensure health and safety regulations from the country of origin are adhered to – If the material is being used in another country, health and safety requirements in that country may be different. An experienced, mother-tongue translator who is a member of an industry body will have knowledge of this.

Identify where localisation of terms is required – Different countries can use different terminology and references even if it is the same language being used. It is important to provide material that people can relate to and localisation provides this. This takes into account words, phrases, legal requirements and even emergency services numbers.

Carry out translation of the material – This is conducted by the selected translator. They will take all appropriate measures to ensure a quality translation.

Raise any queries – Any questions that the translator has should be discussed with the Project Manager and, where appropriate, the client. They will investigate all questions thoroughly to safeguard an accurate translation.

Deliver on time – We understand that timing is essential, in order for our clients to keep to their project timelines, which is why when you work with The Language Factory, translations will be delivered to the agreed deadline.

the importance of high quality translations

High quality translations are always important but there are not many situations where they’re more important than when they contain health and safety material to protect the physical wellbeing of employees or customers. In order to achieve the aims of the document, the text needs to be understandable, no matter the target audience, and be in line with any local laws. A quality translation will ensure procedures and policies remain compliant, safe and enable people to behave safely.

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