2019 is coming and, one way or the other, Brexit is coming with it (well, probably). Are you ready?

In 2017 just over one third of UK start-ups, 38%, were considering opening up a post-Brexit European outpost. This year that number jumped to almost half, 47%. Next year it will be higher.

Whether your motivation comes from proactive expansion, and wanting to get ahead of the game, or from strategic consolidation, there is a lot of sense in translating your brand proposition to capture not only a UK (English) audience but also a global one; quickly.

Sounds Difficult? Well actually, with the language factory it isn’t really. Here’s how. 

Big Picture!

  1. 2019 is coming, fast. But, as a start-up, you are intrinsically agile. You know what you want, and you don’t have the time, the inclination or the structural need to discuss it at length through multiple layers of management. (“Lucky you”, say most Marketers!)
  1. You may not have been around long enough, or be big enough, to have locked down your brand voice and style guide. No matter. We recommend an iterative approach. Establish some simple tone of voice principles (e.g. casual, active words, simple language, personable); this won’t take long if you already know who you are and what you’re about.

With a small upfront investment of time, you can position your core brand identity across markets, launch successfully and make changes as needed further down the line.

Zoom In. 

Once you’ve identified your brand voice, the next step is to work out what this sounds like in other markets. BUT should you really recapture your brand identity in those languages and cultures?

If humour is your thing, will you be funny in different markets? Or just a bit cheesy? If you’ve cultivated a rebellious image, how will this go down in markets where honouring family, institutions and community is important?

We know you’re under pressure to launch fast. And you don’t have time to iron everything out first. The solution is to:

  1. Get advice: give your translators reference points and guidance of what you are and what you want. Let them, the experts in the language of your industry and your target language culture, advise you.
  1. Prioritise: For example, Japan and China have low English proficiency levels. Why not start there? On the other hand, Sweden has the highest non-native English proficiency in the world. We can leave them for a while.

So you could launch in English initially, gauge demand levels and then localise once you’re sure it’s worthwhile. That way, you can take the time you need to get your voice right in every market. Long-term, this will help you engage better with customers, grow faster and build your brand on your terms.

Why choose the language factory?

As masters of your own destiny, you like to keep an eye on costs. But you also appreciate that cost and value are very different things.

You have the authority and the strategic outlook to purchase translation services from a company that will not only translate your words, but will help you achieve your business ambitions.


Advise you on accurate localisation in your target language, including all the subtleties and nuances of text that you shouldn’t leave out.

Only use marketing-specialist human translators, experts at making your marketing content ‘sing’ to your audiences, worldwide. They’ll advice on local Do’s and Don’ts, and on SEO. Confident and competent enough to push-back on your brief they, together with your specialist Project Manager, will get your impactful international brand presence up and running quickly, efficiently and in style.

Use ISO certified quality controls to ensure your translations are absolutely right, first time.

Use expert linguist Project Managers to help you glide seamlessly through the entire process, end-to-end. No speed bumps. No hic-ups. No hold ups.

2019 is coming and Brexit is coming with it. At The Language Factory we can help you be ready.

If you require precise, high-quality, business translation solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on +44 01727 862722.