Attracting German-speaking visitors to the UK

At £39.5billion, Germany is second only to the United States as a UK export destination, and is the largest trader with a non-English official language. We recently discussed what to consider when doing business in Germany but the UK also sees a great deal of visitors from Germany. Targeting these visitors with their mother tongue can make all the difference in drawing them to your establishment.

So what can you do to attract German speakers to visit you?

Holiday Considerations

In 2017 there are sixteen public holidays in Germany. Businesses looking to attract German tourists should be familiar with when these holidays occur as they develop their marketing strategies, targeting the key times when German visitors might be looking for a break in the UK. Our infographic, which details public holidays in Germany and ten other countries, can help you to plan your strategy.

Email Culture

Cultural considerations are an important factor to bear in mind. In German business, there is an emphasis on formal modes of address. This includes emails so, if you’re reaching out to potential German visitors, you should use last names instead of first names. Treat every email as you would a formal business letter and you’ll be striking the right tone.

Formatting Considerations

German sentences tend to be longer than English sentences. This is in no small part down to the use of compound nouns (Komposita). In general, German translations can be 20-30% longer than their original English. If you’re planning to translate your marketing materials or website, be sure to leave plenty of extra space for the inevitably longer German when you’re formatting your text.

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