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The impact of multilingual support on event inclusivity and reach

By Katie Reed | May 28, 2024 | Blog marketing Services - Translation Translation Tips


The value of the international events market has nearly doubled in recent years, growing from $1.1 trillion in 2019 to a projected $2.1 trillion in 2032. Europe, particularly Germany and Spain, ​​along with the Asia-Pacific region demonstrate the most rapid growth. For global event businesses, the key question is how to capture a market share. The answer lies in inclusivity through language and cultural authenticity. *

In this blog we explore how to create a welcoming environment for attendees, vendors and speakers from all regions and linguistic backgrounds, thus ensuring inclusivity and brand reach.

*Allied Market Research

Provide multilingual support

In today’s globalised world, the impact of multilingual support on event inclusivity and reach cannot be overstated. Providing content in multiple languages enhances accessibility and ensures your event resonates with a diverse audience.

From pre-event marketing materials to post-event feedback forms, incorporating multilingual support is critical to maximising engagement and creating an inclusive environment for all attendees.

This can be split into four translation categories: 

  • Pre-event materials, including websites, marketing communication, digital and print advertising, agendas, programmes and brochures
  • HR information to recruit, contract, train and support multilingual staff. 
  • Onsite assets and environmental branding such as signage to guide attendees around the venue, programmes, health and safety and vendor information.
  • Post-event materials including emails and feedback forms in the attendees’ preferred languages.


How to engage your international audience


The first step is to understand the linguistic and cultural background of your target audience. This will ensure all marketing materials, invitations and promotional content are translated authentically into their native language, considering regional variations and cultural sensitivities. Remeber to localise your event website and registration pages to cater to all relevant languages.

During the event

Ensure all promotional materials and online communication, such as social media posts, are translated to encourage further engagement with the event and increase your brand visibility and ticket sales.


To engage your audience even after your event, follow up with post-event content, such as recordings, presentations, and summaries, in the languages your audience speaks.


Build trust with translation services

Engendering your target audience’s trust is critical to your brand image and longevity. Creating and maintaining a positive relationship with your event partners, sponsors, vendors and staff is equally important.

That’s why your translations need to be:

  • High-quality using experienced human translators, with specialist knowledge of the events industry and relevant industry sector.
  • Supported by a rigorous quality assurance process that includes review and proofreading by native speakers.
  • Culturally sensitive, with your content adapted to reflect local customs, traditions and preferences.
  • Personalised to each attendee in their preferred language, including emails, registration confirmations, event reminders and post-event surveys.

Embrace these practices to create a trustworthy and inclusive experience for everyone involved. 


Using translation services to enhance inclusivity

Reducing language barriers with expert translation can ensure that potential event attendees are not excluded if they are not proficient in the event’s primary language and that the event is accessible and welcoming to a broad audience.

Providing multilingual materials also shows your commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion. Attendees from various backgrounds will feel represented and valued, enhancing engagement in discussions, presentations and networking opportunities.

Reaching a broader global audience with event inclusivity

Top-quality translations can ensure your events attract a wider global audience, expandng your brand’s international reach.

By utilising translation services for events, you can adapt your marketing materials to multiple languages and appeal to a broader audience. This includes marketing content and event promotions using diverse media channels and platforms and a broader social media engagement.


Event translation services – partner with a experienced agency

TLF has over 30 years of experience in delivering top-quality translations that align with our clients’ global goals. You can be confident that your event can effectively navigate linguistic and cultural barriers to unlock new opportunities in emerging markets.

Our team of experienced mother-tongue linguists and specialist Project Managers ensure that every event translation accurately reflects the client’s brand, while remaining relevant for their target audience.

Talk to the TLF team to find out how we can help you with your next event translation project.


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