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The Challenge

We regularly translate verbatims for our market research clients. At the beginning of November 2014 we undertook a large verbatims project from a leading international market research agency, following on from a questionnaire we had translated for them into several languages a few months earlier.

Once the survey had been fielded, our help was enlisted to translate the responses to the open-ended questions into English so they could be collated with the rest of the data. As is often the case with projects like this, the client was on a tight deadline and needed the translations as soon as possible, preferably within a couple of days. The combined total for all the languages was around 70,000 words, so this was no mean feat!

The Solution

When translating a questionnaire or similar text we don’t like to split the translation between linguists, as we want our translation to be consistent. Luckily this is not an issue with translating responses, as they have already come from many different sources so for this project we were able to use multiple translators per language, thereby reducing the turnaround time.

We often find when translating verbatims that they contain repetitions: there are only so many ways you can say or spell, “I don’t know”, for example. Our in-house techniques enable us to process verbatim files in a streamlined way; in the case of very repetitive files, costs and timings can be significantly reduced.

We used a total of 17 of our trusted professional translators for this project, all working simultaneously. Their skill and experience combined with the in-house quality checks performed by our experienced Project Managers helped us to ensure the quality of the delivered translations.

The Result

The streamlined process we used for this and other verbatim translation projects enabled us to deliver all the translations to our client within the prescribed timeline. This in turn meant they could deliver insight to their client in a timely manner and inform future business decisions.


“I have had the pleasure of working with The Language Factory on many time-sensitive projects with very tight deadlines. What has impressed me is the speed at which the work is delivered, as well as the care and flexibility shown by our project co-ordinator. She is always able to get the job done and the quality of the translations is always excellent. We recommend them to anyone who can benefit from their range of services.”

General Manager Real Estate Company

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