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The Challenge

We began working with Sirius Facilities over six years ago. They initially approached us looking for a reliable and accurate German to English translation supplier to help translate regular updates to their website.

The website would serve as their global point of contact for potential customers, facilitate bookings and ultimately ensure valid on-site conversions. The translations needed to be extremely accurate, stylish and contain all of the preferred company branding and terminology as well as relevant keywords and terms for SEO purposes.

Despite the client having English speakers in-house and English speakers fluent in German, they understood the importance of using a professional translation service to ensure consistently high quality and provide a fast turnaround.

The Solution

We knew that quality and consistency were important for this project, so we chose the best translators available to us with experience in both business and marketing texts. This ensured they had the required skills to create an accurate and stylish translation.

We also knew that the client wanted us to include specific preferred customer terminology and phrasing. The website contained products and package offers, which needed to be translated into snappy, yet natural sounding English. We compiled a list of the terms that we expected would have preferred equivalents in English. We provided one or two different options for each term, which the client reviewed and made their final choice. This collaborative approached ensured the new website met the clients expectations.

The whole project was a seamless experience and benefitted from open communication between TLF and Sirius. The collaborative approach combined with TLF’s in-house checks by a native English speaker before delivery removed the need for an additional proofreading service, reducing the overall costs and timings for the client.

The Result

The end result of this project was the establishment of a successful process and well-received translation, which helped secure us an excellent future relationship and gain a regular and valued client.

We make it a point to regularly ask for feedback and also ensure that we are up to date with preferred terminology and phrasing too. Working on a regular basis with Sirius Facilities and translating both German into English as well as English into German, has enabled us to develop a team of translators who have a deep and instinctive knowledge of our client’s brand and business.


"Gaelle is fantastic - always extremely responsive and attentive to the project. Appreciate it!"

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