Rolling deliveries for an airline

Questionnaire, brand lists and error messages
Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional-Taiwan), Chinese (Traditional-Hong Kong), Korean, German, French, and Dutch.
Turnaround time
Rolling deliveries within 3-7 working days


We were asked to translate a large survey about flying habits, including error messages and a brand list of airlines that needed to be localised for character-based languages. The survey had to be accurately prepared to send out to the linguists to ensure that the correct sections were translated based on the country-specific requirements laid out in the client’s specification sheet. Additionally, each brand list was different depending on the country.

We received feedback from multiple client contacts and needed to implement this accordingly.


The first task was to organise the feedback from multiple client contacts to ensure that the correct files were used and the most up-to-date information collated in order to pass onto linguists at the relevant time.

The second task was to accurately prepare the documents for translation, ensuring that the brand lists provided by the client would be correctly understood by the linguists and that any repeated sections meant for another country were not included for the linguist to translate. To save time in preparing the files we split this task between project managers, who constantly communicated with each other to ensure that the files were prepared accurately.

The third task was to source appropriate linguists for the job. They needed to be familiar with airline terminology and provide accurate translation for the brand lists.

Once the preparation of the files was completed and suitable linguists were sourced, the documents were sent out for translation. Linguists were encouraged to double-check the brand list to ensure that the examples were relevant for their country.


As a result of the thorough preparation of files, the client received a fully-translated survey with the correct sections included for country-specific questions and brands, meaning that they had examples and questions relevant to the respondents in their country. Our careful consideration and prioritisation of feedback and updates saved the client time and enabled their survey to go into field on time and on budget.


"Claire has been very helpful in providing a quote after working hours. She went extra mile in order to meet a tight deadline. I am very pleased with the service."

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