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We had translated a questionnaire into French for our client. It was promptly fielded and the client then inquired regarding coding the responses directly from French. As usual for market research, budget and timings were tight.


To tackle tight timings we were able to reduce the task through only coding unique responses, reducing the costs and timings significantly for the client.

The client had already provided an English code frame from the UK study to use as a basis, allowing us to add codes where necessary for anything we found to be unique to the French respondents.

We only added new codes once a certain threshold of responses had been reached, in order to prevent adding too many or unnecessary extra codes to the code frame.

Once the coding was underway the linguist was also able to point out that in some cases, multiple codes in the UK code frame provided would actually only require a single code in French. A couple of new codes were also added which meant French respondents did indeed have unique requirements for the product compared with UK respondents.


The coding was delivered ahead of schedule with the updated code frame. Our information regarding the code frame also allowed the client to make sure this was noted in their reporting, as data was no longer directly comparable to the UK market. This successful project further enhanced our strong relationship with the client, based on their trust for our high quality, attention-to-detail approach.


“You went above and beyond to help, and we really felt like you are a partner”


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