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Turnaround time
One week

The Challenge

One of our clients asked us to translate and proofread a survey about fine fragrances. Proofreading was an extra step for this particular client so it was imperative that their timings weren’t negatively impacted. They gave us specific instructions and specific terminology to use throughout the survey, and also made regular changes to the survey wording whilst we were in the translation stage of the project. As always, the timings were tight so delivery to deadline was imperative.

The Solution

We opted to use translators for this project whose work the client had previously approved so that the proofreaders could focus on the accuracy of the translations, checking for any mistranslations, grammar mistakes, missing text or typos. Both the translators and the proofreaders received the client’s brief so we could ensure that the terminology we had been given by the client would be used throughout the whole process. As there had been changes to the English questionnaire along the way, we made sure that the source the proofreaders received was the latest source and that all amendments had been implemented. The proofreaders therefore only had one source file, helping us to avoid delays and confusion.

Running a project with both translation and proofreading phases, we retained tight control over timings. The proofreaders were kept updated on the translators’ progress so they could fit the proofreading into their schedule.

The Result

By commissioning us to undertake the proofreading of this project, the client saved internal time and resources and was able to go into the field sooner. The accuracy of the translations has led to further work being commissioned by the end client through the research agency.


"The team have been truly great. We are incredibly pleased with the service provided. They are reactive, helpful, and very accommodating to our rather demanding needs."

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