Localisation for the beauty sector

Beauty and Well-being
English for the US, English for Canada, Spanish for Mexico and French for Canada
Turnaround time
Within three working days


We were asked to translate a survey about a beauty product into several languages and part of the task involved localising the UK, Spain and France surveys for use in other markets speaking the same language. Each market had different conventions in terms of spelling, terminology, culture and habits, all affecting the wording of the survey. The surveys had to be suitable and localised for the US, Canada and Mexico.


The first task was to select the right linguists for the job; they needed to be based in the local markets and familiar with up-to-date beauty terminology.

Once suitable linguists were selected, they were encouraged to suggest any amends needed to the wording or examples given in the survey so that it would be suitable for local audiences in the relevant countries. The changes weren’t only linguistic but also potentially cultural.


Localising the surveys rather than translating from scratch resulted in cost savings for the client as linguists were able to concentrate on making sure all terminology was up-to-date and suitable for their markets, including local examples that would be relevant to respondents in their country.


"Very responsive and accommodating as usual!"

Senior Logistics Executive Market Research Agency

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