Global omnibus survey – Market Research in 30+ Languages

Market Research
Face-to-face and online omnibus survey
English > Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Indonesian, Afrikaans, North Sotho, Sesotho, Xhosa, Zulu, Russian, Chinese (several versions), French (several versions), German, Italian, Spanish (several versions), Dutch, Flemish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean.
Turnaround time
Four part project completed over approximately 6-8 weeks

The Challenge

For over 15 years, The Language Factory has been the translation agency of choice for a large, multi-country omnibus survey.

Originally our involvement was limited to proofreading a handful of questions in a limited number of languages. Nowadays, we are entrusted with pulling together and/or proofreading the survey in 30+ languages.

The main challenge faced in this project is ensuring quality and consistency whilst dealing with a large number of linguists working on a number of different files. The data gathered from this survey must be comparable year on year, meaning consistency between old and new translations is crucial and attention to detail is paramount.

The Solution

Initially conducted face-to-face only, the surveys were compiled by the local agencies and proofread by The Language Factory, as is still the case for some markets. Many countries have now migrated online however and for those markets we compile the questionnaires, ensuring consistency year-on-year between old and new translations. After the initial compilation stage, a second linguist translation-checks and proofreads the entire survey to ensure no unnecessary changes or typos have slipped through.

Once the client has approved the translations and all queries have been clarified, the online survey is uploaded into the client’s platform. Our linguists then perform online quality checks to make sure that everything appears correctly on screen and no text is missing or shows incorrectly.

We work with 60+ linguists on this project, meaning communication is a key element of every day. We also place a great deal of emphasis on logistics and organisation to ensure that all files are received and stored safely and sensibly and that the correct files are sent to the correct people.

Given the high-profile nature of the project and the complexity of the instructions, it is important that we have experienced and plentiful in-house resources and time for our internal quality checks. Technology really is our friend on this project, enabling us to ensure the consistency that is a vital part of any project, but nothing replaces the care and attention to detail of our project managers, who personally double-check each and every file to pick up on details a machine can’t.

The Result

Due to the dedication and expertise of the linguists and project managers who work on this project, we are able to deliver consistent and high-quality translations that enable our client to produce comparative year-on-year survey data. We are proud to partner with our client on this important global survey and look forward to the next round.


"We were very impressed with both the professional approach and the flexibility The Language Factory provided. The quality of the proof reading comments was excellent, follow-up was provided immediately and our endless additional requests were covered without delay. An absolute pleasure."

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