Market Research
Mexican Spanish, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Turnaround time
One week

The Challenge

Having translated a questionnaire into Mexican Spanish, Dutch, Simplified Chinese (for mainland China) and Traditional Chinese (for Hong Kong), our client asked for our help with coding the open-ended responses. There were several thousand respondents so timing was going to be tight.

Shortly before receiving the final batch, we were also asked to provide translations of open-ended responses belonging to the top three codes for each language to be included in the client’s report.

The Solution

A codeframe for the US and UK was provided in advance as the basis for the other languages, giving us the opportunity to source and brief our linguists. They were provided with our guide to coding and additional training.

A project of this nature generally involves processing large volumes of responses in a short time but by receiving and coding the responses in batches, we were able to not only complete the task more quickly but also retain consistency in terms of the linguists used.

For the duration of the project, each time a linguist added a new code, all other linguists were informed and the codeframe updated accordingly for consistency across the languages.

For each new batch, a clean file was received and prepared, helping to retain the integrity of the file and simplifying the coding process and delivery.

Finally, once all batches were complete, the top three responses per language were identified and samples translated, before being returned to the client, within the agreed deadline, enabling them to include some respondent verbatims in their report as requested by their own client.

The Result

The coding was delivered within the client’s deadline followed shortly afterwards by examples of the top three responses per language. The successful and on-time completion of this project enabled our client to meet their own deadlines and further cemented the strong relationship we have with them.


"Great service, flexible with additional requests. I'm very happy with how the project ran!"

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