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The Challenge

A TV and radio production company approached us to help with an audio translation, following a recommendation from another of our clients, for a series of video interviews conducted with survivors of the Hiroshima bombing from Japanese into English.

Although an interpreter was present during the interviews to facilitate communication between the English interviewer and the Japanese interviewee, the company understood that a full translation by a professional translator was needed in order to produce accurate, complete subtitle translations of the interview.

The Solution

It was essential that the right translator was used for this very sensitive and emotive subject. We didn’t need to think twice and contacted an experienced Japanese audio translator. Being a Japanese native speaker who has lived in England for many years and has worked on a similar series of interviews before, this highly qualified linguist was the ideal candidate to understand the subtleties of the original Japanese answers and translate them into perfect English. One of our English native Project Managers, herself a graduate linguist, then read through the interviews to tweak the translation, consulting where necessary with the translator.

We delivered the translation on a rolling basis so the client was able to begin editing and subtitling the files whilst the remainder of the translation was being completed, giving them a head-start on the next stage in the process.

The Result

The client was pleased to receive the translated materials within the best timelines possible and for the best price. Further work was commissioned for which we used the same linguist, guaranteeing consistency for the client across their project.


"We were very impressed with both the professional approach and the flexibility The Language Factory provided. The quality of the proof reading comments was excellent, follow-up was provided immediately and our endless additional requests were covered without delay. An absolute pleasure."

Research Manager Market Research Agency

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