The Benefits of Press Release Translation

The growth of a business abroad or into an overseas operation is a busy time. These landmark moments usually come hand-in-hand with a press release that seizes the opportunity to try and captivate a new audience.

Ensuring that your press release translation is correct is vital for the launch to go without a hitch. With an accurately translated press release that clearly sets out your service goals, you can make sure that your outreach strikes the right chord with the right demographics.

How Important is Accurate Press Release Translation?

A lot of time and money goes into growth abroad, from market research designed to ensure that your services will be well-received, to getting internal company contracts and documentation translated for overseas use.

Whether it’s a new product, development or service, getting every selling point across succinctly and accurately is important. You want your launch to attract as much attention as possible, and it’s often said that word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising. One of the best ways to cultivate that on the launch of a new product is to attract news media to report on it.

Journalists are short on time on a good day, and so they tend to be quick to dismiss anything that doesn’t capture their interest and requires editing before it’s published. This includes incidents where grammatical errors or mistranslations make your text awkward or confusing to read. An accurately translated press release means that you can be certain that your company’s new development is given the launch that it deserves.

Our Accurate Press Release Translation Service

The Language Factory specialise in mother tongue translation so you can be certain that your press release’s content keeps its integrity. We make sure we accurately convey both the right meaning and the right tone, without using terms or phrases that don’t match the goal of the piece.

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“I've used The Language Factory on many projects over the years, and they have never let me down. The quality of their translations has been first class (even when the subject matter has been complicated), they have a good turnaround time and to cap it off they are a really friendly bunch as well! I would highly recommend them.”

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