The Benefits of Business Translation 2/2

In the first post of this series, we introduced some of the benefits of translating your business material, as research has shown consumers value information in their own language.

We looked specifically at the benefits of quality market research translations and in this post we highlight the importance of website translation and the benefits of localisation services.

Terms of engagement

As 72% of consumers will spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language (Harvard Business Review), translating your website into the language of markets you wish to attract is a great way of getting the edge over your competitors.

Offering prospective customers and clients a version of your website in their own language gives them the opportunity to better understand your product or service. It also increases the likelihood they’ll recommend you to friends and colleagues.

That said, when talking to your audience in their own language, there’s nothing worse than a translation that doesn’t live up to native standards. Relying on a free online tool to provide automated translation may give them the gist of what you do or sell but it is likely to be far from perfect and may not convey your company in the most favourable light.

As we’ve written about before, this can distract from your message, and even give readers the wrong idea altogether, as we saw with Facebook’s translation faux pas. This is why using a professional, mother-tongue translator for your website content is essential.

Localisation Without Limits

For businesses that are growing into international sectors, localisation can be a great benefit.

An approach tailored by expert translators ensures that your marketing and outreach are going to hit the right mark. A mother-tongue translator will help you to achieve that level of detail, right down to the finer points of tonal and cultural differences.

For example, advertising copy in Castillian Spanish may need to consider details that are not relevant for Latin American Spanish versions. A translator with a background in the relevant country will be able to take cultural and linguistic elements into account in their translation.

Quality translations

At The Language Factory, we pride ourselves on delivering quality translations without compromising on timelines. Our Project Managers are all linguistically trained and, along with our translators, have the experience to ensure your translation is accurate and suited to your individual target market.

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