Banking and Financial Market Research

Our specialist banking and financial translations take into account a number of regional and local customs, leveraging our international financial knowledge and understanding of technical terminology in order to create expert surveys.

Different Country, Different Custom?

Not all countries approach banking and finance in the same way, with different rules relating to savings accounts, interest and credit cards.

For example:

  • Credit cards are not as widely used in Germany as they are in the UK
  • While credit cards exist in France, they are often linked to a bank account and the money is debited either immediately or at the end of the month
  • In France the option to defer payment until the next month or longer, only paying the minimum amount, is not as common as in other countries
  • The difference in legal systems and regulations also play a part – for example, the rules regarding buying a house vary in different countries

This means that surveys need to be tailored to suit the workings of different financial markets, in order to accurately frame questions and prompts. Our expert translators can advise when survey questions need to be adapted to suit their particular market.

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Using terminology correctly

As with many other specialist sectors, using the correct financial terminology is vital when translating surveys.

Banking and financial questionnaires are particularly heavy on specialist terms and therefore require a wide appreciation of financial jargon to pitch questions accurately and to avoid confusing respondents. Our expert linguists know their actuarial age from their “real” age, their credit crunch from their economic downturn. They can therefore provide translated questions and prompts which make sense, creating reliable results.