Automotive Market Research

The Language Factory is well-versed in translating automotive market research. We have translated surveys for a number of manufacturers and service providers, enabling them to conduct accurate surveys with research materials.

In these types of surveys it is important to ensure that questions and prompts use the appropriate vocabulary and jargon.


As with most technological sectors, automotive terminology almost requires a dictionary all of its own. Using the correct word for the right part of the car, or the right style of car, is absolutely vital when describing vehicles to consumers.

For example, in the UK and Ireland, a ‘saloon’ car has a ‘bonnet’ and a ‘boot’. However, in the US this is called a ‘sedan’, with a ‘hood’ and a ‘trunk’. In other English-speaking countries, it’s also a ‘sedan’, even though the terms ‘boot’ and ‘bonnet’ are widely used too.

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You might also be interested to know that:

  • The French call the saloon a ‘berline’
  • The Germans call it a ‘limousine’ (their term for ‘limousine’, as we know it in English, is ‘Stretch-Limousine’, or ‘Luxuslimousine’, for a luxury version).
  • Estate cars (known as ‘station wagons’ in the US) are called ‘breaks’ in French (taken from the English word but with a completely different meaning).
  • Many years ago, the English took the French word “cabriolet” – a horse-drawn carriage with two wheels pulled by one horse – and shortened it, giving us today’s taxi “cab”

Our expert linguists are ”up to speed” with the various automotive terms found in different languages, ensuring that your surveys are easy to understand and accurate, providing valuable results.