At The Language Factory, we willingly embrace new technology and welcome the opportunity to prove our ability to meet new challenges as presented to us by our clients. Our use of a project management system specially designed for translation companies has streamlined our internal processes, making our service more cost and time-effective for our clients. We are in on-going dialogue with the developers of this software and constantly endeavour to find ways of improving it to the benefit of our translators, Project Managers and clients.

Do we use Machine Translation? 

We do not use machine translation. We use 100% human translation with qualified professional translators. That’s not to say, however, that we don’t make use of translation technology to ensure consistency and potentially generate cost and time savings on our clients’ projects.

Translation memory software

We currently use Trados Studio 2017, the most up to date and current leading translation memory software used by over 80% of the translation supply chain. The most advanced and efficient tool on the market, it enables us to work seamlessly with our suppliers and helps maximise the use of technology in our human translations for our clients.

Due to our strict confidentiality agreements, we do not allow automated or cloud translation to be used on our projects.

Market Research specific technology

Like many industries, market research works with its own selection of tools and software, all designed to streamline their processes and enable them to launch and conduct their surveys quickly and smoothly. One such programme at the forefront of market research solutions, Confirmit, has been the tool behind hundreds of projects for The Language Factory and our clients use it to regularly generate surveys for us to work in:

  • HTML-coded Word files
  • The Confirmit translator module directly
  • XML files

We are also often asked to conduct translation and cut-paste overlay (XML to Word conversion).

In addition to Confirmit we have extensive experience of working in exports created via:

  • Sawtooth
  • Beacon
  • Dub Interviewer
  • And many more

Although we are also asked to translate or proofread directly in SurveyGizmo and Intellireview, nowadays we most often work with XML, Excel and XLIFF scripts. Working in these file formats rather than directly in online software enables clients to benefit from a more streamlined process and avoid issues such as site or software crashes and login issues.


"The team have been truly great. We are incredibly pleased with the service provided. They are reactive, helpful, and very accommodating to our rather demanding needs."

Senior Research Executive Market Research Agency

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