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Project Managers play a key role in The Language Factory’s translation process. They are there to ensure that your translation project is delivered perfectly, every time, and to ensure our work always meets the highest possible standards.

What you need to know about our project managers

  • Our Project Managers are all experienced linguists. They truly understand the ins and outs of language, making them best placed to solve any problems that arise.
  • Our Project Managers understand the market research industry. They know that getting the right information is an invaluable part of understanding your clients or building a successful company, and can ensure that you obtain it.
  • Our Project Managers are all highly experienced.  They have the know-how needed to negotiate every single aspect of the translation process, from providing the initial quotes to sending over the final proof of the text.
  • The Language Factory translation process has recently been awarded ISO 17100 Certification by the UK Association Of Translation Companies. An authoritative 3rd party endorsement of the care and dedication we put into producing successful translation solutions for our clients.

A day in the life of our Project Managers

Our Project Managers undertake a number of tasks in order to keep every project on track. These include:

  • Quoting. Their in-depth knowledge of the translation process means that our Project Managers are perfectly placed to provide you with an accurate initial quote. 
  • Linguistics. Our Project Managers will look at your text in advance so that they can identify any existing anomalies and plan for any issues that they think may occur as part of the translation process.
  • Handling queries. If our translators have any questions during the process, our Project Managers will try and answer them internally before passing them on (leaving our clients free to concentrate on the rest of their projects, unless it’s completely necessary).
  • Managing deadlines. The key role for our managers, of course, is ensuring that every project is completed within deadline and to the highest possible standards.
  • Ensure quality. Because our translators work to such a high standard, Project Managers don’t ‘proofread’ as such.  However, they still check the work thoroughly before it’s returned to you, dealing with any remaining issues such as formatting, layout and ensuring any outstanding queries are resolved.

How do they manage our projects?

All of our Project Managers use an all-in-one translation project management programme called TPBox. TPBox is an invaluable tool that allows us to complete even the most in-depth translation projects chronologically.

Our quality control

Our project managers are required to go over and above the levels of quality control demanded by professional bodies such as MRS, AQR, ITI and ATC.  At The Language Factory, we pride ourselves on providing quality and our Project Managers are a key part of delivering what our clients expect of us: an outstanding service. Read more about our quality control and accountability.


All of our Project Managers use a comprehensive management solution called TPBox, designed specifically for the translation industry. All projects are run and managed through TPBox allowing us to streamline a number of processes making it easier, quicker and simpler for both our translators and customers. Using TPBox allows us to focus on what we do best – providing high quality translations to our customers.


"Thanks very much again for accommodating our last minute request - given the crunch timeline. We appreciate the detailed & thorough checking which was very helpful to meet our timeline to launch fieldwork on time."


Senior Research Executive Market Research Agency

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