Chinese (simplified) 


Finding the right Simplified Chinese translation service is key to gaining credibility in and buy-in from your intended audience.

We work with qualified mother tongue Chinese translators to ensure our clients can have just as much confidence in their Chinese materials as they do in the original English.

Someone who has learned the language natively will understand key linguistic nuances. Though Simplified Chinese has its roots in Traditional Chinese, the written forms are very different so it’s important to make sure you are using a linguist with the right mother tongue.


Are simplified Chinese translation services right for your business?

Most Chinese speakers are within Asia, in China and Taiwan. It is also spoken in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

If you’re having written text translated for an audience in China or Singapore, you’re most likely to need your text translated into Simplified Chinese. If your piece is for Hong Kong or Taiwan, our Traditional Chinese translation services may be more appropriate.

Neither Simplified nor Traditional Chinese is written in the alphabet used by European languages. It uses characters, the majority being ideograms representing concepts rather than sounds.

Translating texts from English to Chinese will often shorten the length of the text, by as much as 30%. If your materials have to fit into a space restricted by your document’s design, keep in mind that this could alter the layout.

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