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The Language Factory has specialised in translating market research material for over 25 years, providing an expert service that meets client expectations and project deadlines. Our market research clients value our unique expertise, which blends experienced, research-literate linguists and Project Managers.


Our clients trust us to understand a variety of research briefs and appreciate our flexible, expert approach. Our in-depth business translation experience spans a wide number of market research projects, including the following and more:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Omnibuses
  • Brand/ad testing
  • Consumer/B2B research
  • Customer/employee satisfaction surveys
  • New product development

The Language Factory is adept at dealing with corporate translation projects with large or complex sample sizes, whether delivered online, offline, via mobile, face-to-face, telephone or focus group. Whatever your project’s design, we have a qualified team that can help.


As a specialised market research translation company, our services can cover all aspects of your project, from proposal through to debrief. We understand all project processes right down to the very last detail, providing business translations that bring results.

Our translation services cover the following and more:

Whether you need accurate coding of open-ended questions, ensuring that linguistic subtleties are not generalised or overlooked, or quick translations of complex passages, we deliver a high-quality and accurate solution which ensures absolute reliability.


Industry experience is important to ensure that we understand commonly-used terms or phrases within their context. It also gives us an edge when ensuring that questionnaires are worded to provide the most appropriate data.

Our vast experience covers a variety of different industries, including:

Our highly trained professionals take time to use language which is relevant to a specific industry; every project is treated as being completely unique.


You need a translation company that provides a seamless international translation service which never compromises on speed or quality – we know that delivering your market research project on time and on budget is vital.

Whether you are a large corporate or smaller business requiring a translation service, we can provide the following:

  • Accurate, reliable results delivered quickly and effectively – integral for decision making.
  • We take time to understand the cultural and social norms of a location, wording questions in a way that leads to relevant, meaningful results.
  • Our translated questionnaires are designed to avoid the use of leading questions and confusing phrases, which could affect the reliability of results.
  • We use market leading software and research tools to ensure the accuracy and speed of translation.
  • Our qualified linguists and project managers are highly trained and professional, providing you with peace of mind.
  • The Language Factory translation process has recently been awarded ISO 17100 Certification by the UK Association Of Translation Companies. An authoritative 3rd party endorsement of the care and dedication we put into producing successful translation solutions for our clients.

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