Translating For HR and Employee Training, Learning and Development

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. Companies who recognise this invest in informing, training and developing them.

Informed employees feel included. Employees in training and development programmes feel valued. Both lead to increases in satisfaction, engagement and employee retention.

Creating impactful internal communications and engaging training programmes is a significant HR challenge. For international businesses, it’s a challenge further complicated if those communications and training materials also need to appear in another language.

At The Language Factory we have 25 years’ experience providing specialised HR and employee development translation solutions to international businesses.


Our global network of certified, native-speaking translators are fluent in over 140 languages. Their expertise in HR terminology and business phraseology ensures our clients receive the highest quality translations: in every language, on every platform, every time.

Our experienced Project Managers guide clients seamlessly through all steps of their projects’ translation process; from initial brief to verified output. Whether you require translation for staff handbooks, management training procedures, e-learning systems or online employee engagement programmes, we offer the precise translation solution delivered simply, stress-free and with ease.

We have a 98% Client Satisfaction rating for Quality, Delivery and Customer Service.


Although 81% of international employees studied languages earlier in life, only 46% effectively used their learnings in the workplace.* The reality is people learn, understand and retain information best if it is given to them in their native language.

However, even words we might assume translate with relative ease in the modern business world can catch us out. Communication thought-leader David Grossman recently pointed out that while in Germany discussing guidelines for a series of focus groups, he discovered that neither ‘guidelines’ nor ‘focus groups’ are words that exist in business German; at least not in the way English-speaking business people perceive them.

To avoid miscommunication and mishaps, your translation agency should:

  • 1. Assess your source content at the project’s outset, flagging any words or phrases which may not exist, cause confusion, or even cause offense, in other countries
  • 2. Work with you to find the ideal localised phraseology or expression to convey your precise meaning
  • 3. Advise on the practical considerations of displaying or playing translated texts. For example, written German often requires 30% more space than written English. How might that impact on your e-learning platform or document page setting
  • 4. Advise on a natural language flow. Some languages are naturally spoken faster than others. How might this effect the correlation of a translated voiceover with your training video
  • 5. Work in partnership to ensure any industry terminology and/or internal ‘company speak’ is translated precisely in tune with your desired meaning of them
  • 6. Work with you to ensure the correct tone of voice is achieved.
  • 7. Be personable. HR is about people. Your translation agency should be personable and operate with desire to deliver your translation right, on time, first time. Just like us.

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